Professional Social Media Message Promotion & Distribution Management

Now OVER 3 Million RE-tweets per DAY! You can help us grow to 5 Million!

We experimented by “thinking out of the box!”

You will learn how we did it for FREE.

We show you all our secrets. Learn and RUN, or Stay!

You will do it live and your results will SHOCK YOU!

  • YOU will post dozens to hundreds of your up to 50 character headline messages
  • Automatically repeated in a non-detectable & non-obtrusive method to social media
  • YOU will automate your own repeating headline messages to social media
  • We will teach you exactly how to AUTHOR these headline messages
  • We will teach you exactly how to POST these headline messages
  • You need not know anything about social media!

What we need from you:
You write a few or many up to 50 character headline tweets (messages.) What is it you want the world to know? We teach you to write. We guide you and explain how it all works. We are very patient. We give you examples.

Mutual access to 1 TWITTER account or create a new one.
Mutual access to 1 FACEBOOK account or create a new one.
You maintain complete account control at all times.

How do YOU measure success?
You measure success by increased sales, donations, clicks, activity, members, follows, friends, visits, views, likes and non-profit sales. We take snapshots of your account activity before and after your free lessons.

Is it free?
Yes 100% free for a limited period from 30 to 90 days. Either party may withdraw at anytime without notice, cause or fees. No hidden fees, charges or contracts. There are no charges.

Do you create a successful dependency then want to charge?
Not at all. You learn all the tools we use. If you or we cease at any time you can always continue. There is a free version of the major tool we use.

What can I promote with this offer?
Conservative websites, videos, education, information, blogs, articles, research, social media accounts, books, arts, services, products, conservative causes, fund raising, memberships, sound tracks, news, etc… Conservative is defined as the support of our Judeo-Christian God, Family Values and support of our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Conservative only social media from individuals, organizations, religious groups and companies based on Judeo-Christian God, Family Values, U.S. Constitution & The Bill of Rights, NO EXCEPTIONS.

If it fails, what have I lost?
Nothing but your time learning social media. However, you will now know how to functionally and productively use social media as well as the tools we use. Note: No one has yet failed.

References are listed below. Specific details available but we must first qualify you for security reasons:

You know your message best. You know what you want to tell the world. Under NO circumstances do we AUTHOR YOUR 50 CHARACTER HEADLINE message!

What Social Media do we use?
Currently: Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, RSS and SMQueue.com. Under development: Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, StumbleUpon.

Interesting Factoids:
Family run LLC. NO failures to date. Additional social media entities added quarterly. Started as a hobby by a large agency, retired sheriff’s lieutenant. One metric: Over 3 million verifiable, 1st level, RE-tweets DAILY!

Reaching our goal of over 5 million RE-tweets per DAY!

Notes on Counter at Bottom of Page:
Partial but unique, first time, click hits. Counted ONLY from Twitter (with the “conscores.org” shortened urls) and not our current and new (“bit.ly” shortened urls) FB, RSS and LinkedIn social media distribution. Real total is many times more than this. Conversion to bit.ly is a work in progress. The bottom line is that all of this really works and it is growing significantly by the day.

Thank you Conservative America!

What do I do next?


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